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Kai Leclerc Upside Down Act & Kairuso

After several years of training, his dream finally came true.
Kai Leclerc walks upside-down, with his feet stuck to the ceiling and his head pointed to the ground, 30 feet below! In this breath taking performance he combines a fine humour with physical virtuosity. He walks, dances, sings and juggles, all upside-down. Video

  Various themes available:

  •  French (with singing or without)
  •  Italian  (with singing)
  •  Christmas theme
  •  Comedy
  •  Variety
  •  Other  
 Languages spoken : French, Italian, English (Fluent) and basic German

Miss Kai(Graziella Gallan) - Upside down act/Swinging Trapeze

Graziella is the daughter of a large family and sister of the conductor Carlos Galán Bueno. Born in Madrid on May 17, 1958 and at fifteen years she began training in the  Moscardó of Madrid gymnasium and became champion of Spain in the specialty of trampoline.She studied Biology and at the age of 22 joined circus. She began as trampoline acrobat with Juan Farga, Rosa, and soon after discovered her passion for Trapeze. She performed all around the globe with her trapeze act.

In 1998, she  met Kai Leclarc. And after  few years, began performing  female version of new discipline "Upside down"  also mentioned as Miss Kai. Thus Graziella dominates the sky in well known circus. Video

 Graziella speaks: Spanish, Italian & English


Katrina Asfardi- Flying Piano/Aerial Act/Contortion/Acro Dance

Katrina discovered her passion for dancing & gymnastics when she was 12. In 2008 she discovered for herself a circus world and fell in love with that. Since 2009 Katrina got to know Kai Leclerc, who produced  her female version of Flying Piano act. 





  Katrina performs:

  Katrina Speaks:  English, Russian, Polish, Latvian, German, Italian and basic French


Catastrof Brothers (Claude & Daniele)- Flying Baloon

Claude Sprecher was born in region of Genève. He is graduated since 2009 from  Scuola Teatro Dimitri and is taking part in different artistic projects. He  was always interested  in  different researches and creations: music, singing, dancing, acrobatics  also clownery and slapstick. He first met Kai Leclerc in Dimitri school, who involved him in his new creation "Flying baloon act".
Daniele Nash was born in 1984. in Palermo. After finishing school he studied in University of Palermo, but  "born entertainer", decided to study theatre & arts in Dimitri School in Switzerland. His true passion : theatre, variety & circus was coming true. Espetially he loved spinning Diabolo!  Kai Leclerc discovered his talent while performing in Dimitri Theatre, and soon after involved him in his new project along with another Dimitri School student -Claude. Boys stuck together inseparable.    
Claude & Daniele speak: Italian, French, English 


Clara Ruiz ( Clarihna)- Upside down Act

Clara has been doing the upside-down act for more than 5 years, considers it to be the highlight of her circus career. 
she have worked as a host for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, touring all over the United States for two years in such iconic venues as Madison Square Garden and Staples Center. In addition to her host duties, she regularly performed her upside-down act for Ringlings adoring audiences. 
She is proud to have performed in Algeria, Russia, Italy, Germany, England, Holland, and of course her homeland of Brazil. 
Most recently, Clara has been touring through Brazil as a host for Disney Live! and Feld Entertainment, with the show As Magicas do Mickey. 
Clara feels truly at home on the stage, in any of the many roles she can perform. As a versatile performer, acrobat, and host, audiences adore her infectious energy, vibrant animation and smile. 

Clara is from Brazil, speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian  fluently.


Aristeu Parreiros -Upside down act/Aerial act

Aristeu was born in Brazil. Graduated circus school he is not only aerialist, but also professional coach in aerial acrobatics. Since he got to know  Kai Leclerc he started to perform upside down walk for a big audiences in USA and oversees.
While walking upside down he also plays music, juggles and shows various tricks ten meters above the ground.

Performs solo & duo both upside down and aerial silks.                   

Aristeu Speaks: Portuguese, Italian , English


 Simone Romano -Flying Piano/Comedy/Handstand/Juggling

 Born in Rome in 1978. made his entrance into circus world at the age of 19, where he started making his first routine of juggling. Very quickly his hobby 'became a passion so he desided abandon  studies in Natural Sciences at the University of Rome, to join the circus school Carampa in Madrid and take courses in acrobatics, juggling, aerial techniques and clowning. After follows circus school in London "The circus space" which he graduated in 2006 with a specialization in verticals. Ever since he works all around Europe and participated in various festivals. Since he met Kai Leclerc, he started working with his new number the "Flying Piano". He made around 150 performances in China and Indonesia, and 3 months in Hansa Theater in Hamburg with this amazing act combining magic, comedy & juggling skills. 

Simone Speaks:

Italian, English, Spanish and basic French and German



Fabio Melo Da Silva  -Upside Down Act

At 19, Fabio enrolled in Brazil’s National Circus School, learning the traditional circus arts. He loves stilt walking, but the trapeze is where he thrilled audiences. A born risk-taker, he fell off the trapeze a couple years ago, but it didn’t hold him back. Even today, when he goes back to Brazil, he enjoys performing stunts with friends. As a boy in Rio de Janeiro, Fabio idolized Superman. Though a superb athlete and a champion swimmer, he only was able to imagine what it must be like to fly, that was until he joined the circus. Fabio got to know Kai  LeClerc, who immidiately involved him in upside-down walk. Along with Clara he worked as ceiling walker at the greatest show on earth.

His philosophy of life: believe in your dreams.

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Italian


Mariana Hartung - Upside down/ Aerial Silk/Tight rope 

 Born in Brazil in 1977, Mariana joined circus school since she was small. There she learned various disciplines like aerials, tight rope, acrobatics. Straight after she started to work with circus companies. While touring she met Kai Leclerc, who quickly involved her in his projects and his new discipline - Upside down. She performed together with Kai Leclerc in New York on David Latterman show


Mariana speaks: Portuguese, Engilsh and Spanish

Wilfried Bernard - Upside Down Act/Dance/Choreography

Born and raised in France, Wilfried was always passionate about dance & performing arts. At the age of 17 Wilfried passes the audition to L`espace Pleiade - dancing school in Paris where he also studies choreography & dance teaching. In 2011. Wilfried takes part in production show "Quel cinema", in  Le Mans, France, where he also meets Kai Leclerc and soon after becomes a member of the company. Currently touring as special act performer with "Peter Pan, The never ending story" - the show co-produced by Luc Petit, Belgium.

Speaks: French, English

Camille Pichon - Upside Down act/dance/clownerie

Born in 1989, raised in France,  Camille began dancing when she was four years old. She also played violin, took singing lessons, attended theatre classes. As a keen artist she  also enjoyed doing various sports , especially athletics. Camille also used to appear in various french film television series. In  2007. began her studies at Conservatory of Angers. In 2011. she joins the Institute of Arts of Music Hall in Le Mans ( France). Later she took part in production shows "Quel Cinema" in Le Mans, France. There she actually met Mr. Kai Leclerc who later introduced  her to his discipline - Upside Down act . Her first involvement was "Peter Pen, the never ending story" produced by Luc Petit, who has been working for many years with Franco Dragone and Cirque du Soleil.

Camille is quite versatile performer who mixes dance with clownerie or theatre with dance. She is very adaptable artist!


Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish,  Italian

Camillo Clown- Upside Down Act/ Slack wire/Clownerie

Born and raised in Torino, Camillo dedicated himself to clownerie, stilts, street theatre, mime, trombone, slack wire & upside down act. Today lives in Barcelona, Spain. Amounf his favourite teachers are Philip Radice, Johny Melville, Paolo Nani and Avner. Currently Camillo has two solo shows street show & theatre show. His shows are for both -  infants & adults, authentic & romantic clownerie. Camillo is the founder of the Zinc Co ( a clown company).

Speaks: Italian, Spanish, English, basic Catalan & French


Bernard Stöckli - Visual Comedy  

Born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, Stöckli initially worked as a stockbroker with UBS before discovering the theatre with Pierre Byland in Paris and then with Ctibor Turba in Prague.
After completing his studies at the Dimitri School of Theatre in Verscio, he travelled across Europe and Central America as a member of the Dimitri Theatre Company. He subsequently collaborated for two years with the Monti Circus and created, together with Guenther Baldauf of the Voland Company, the "Pinocchio Puppet" show.
Since 2005 he has been teaching Clown Technique in a number of schools and theatres. Video

 Speaks: Italian, English, French, Swiss German 


 Andreas Manz  - Visual Comedy  

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Manz started his carrier as a KFZ mechanic. Attracted by the theatre, he went on to study acting, music, juggling and acrobatics. Manz subsequently completed his formation at the Dimitri School of Theatre in Verscio. Together with Bernard Stoeckli he works with the Monti Circus carrying out numerous tours across the whole of Switzerland. Additionally he teaches Improvisation Technique and is directing theatrical courses entitled "Clownery in the Theatre". He is a member of Cie, Companix, Dimitri Theatre and the Cologne-based theatrical company "Limits".

Speaks: German, Italian, English, basic French


 Andreas Manz and Bernard Stöckli have for many years been in the service of humour. They offer humorous animations for parties, leaving their hosts and guests with unforgettable memories. In cooperation with Kai Leclerc they created comedy shows: "La Porta", "AVAnti"  Video



Katerina R. - Foot Juggling, Hand to hand, Handstand, Acrobatics 

 Katerina is talented circus artist from Finland. She started circus training at a very young age.  Repponen made her first circus performance in public as early as 6 years old. She graduated 2010 from Lahti Further Education Center of circus arts. Specialized in foot juggling and hand to hand acrobatics. In these disciplines she has a high technical level. In Foot Juggling she has developed an unique style. After graduation she has been performing her beautiful foot juggling act Mirage in several events, variety and international festivals. In this act she combines foot juggling and handstand. In 2011 Katerina took part in our production for Werkhaus Variete in Switzerland and Disney Themed show on M/S Viking Line in 2013. Also performs hand to hand act with her partner - Pasi, who is also high skilled juggler. Video

 Speaks: English, Finnish, Russian

Alexei Goloborodko - Extreme Contortion/Dance/Handbalance

Born in Tula, Russia, in December 1994., Alexei has been described by many as the most flexible human on the planet. As well as contortion and flexibility, he has trained in classical and modern dance, and Chinese martial arts. This helps to add fluency, grace and elegance to his contortion performances. He has performed in a variety of arts festivals and competitions, television programs, circuses and shows. Lives in Tula, Russia. Alexei took part in our production show in Charisma Variete in GoEasy Entertainment Centre, in Switzerland. Because of the huge distance, Alexei was rarely involved in our further projects ever since, but because of his talent we always keep him in mind for various projects & bookings. Video

  Speaks: Russian, English  

For more info  & booking contact: kaiopoli@gmail.com

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