Original circus acts

by Kai Leclerc


An astonishing act that will leave your audience with jaw dropping faces, wondering how such miracle is possible. The performer is walking upside down on a ceiling with apparent ease and joy! Up there he, or she, will perform reversed comedy, juggling and magic for a delightful moment extraordinaire.
This unique act has been broadcasted live on CNN (Laterman show) and has already appeared in some of the most famous circuses in the world.
To book the act contact:
Kai Leclerc +41793596308 (CH) or E-mail: mailto:kaileclerc@bluewin.ch
Please see the list of artists available for this act!


 *Technical instructions:   Time required for hanging: 6 hours ; Total weight:700kg ;                                                                     2 motors to pull up and down

Flying Baloon

Balloon Ascents 

Balloon ascents were a huge attraction in the late   18th and early 19th centuries, even at the theatre and circus.

We offer U this unique possibility to see this all new and funny  act in modern interpretation! Made for big audiences  and stages like : circus, theater, touring shows,  this act will amaze You with its capacity and powerful performance with a sense of  humor. Visually perfect for big stages !

To book this act contact :

Kai Leclerc +41793596308 (CH) or E-mail: mailto:kaileclerc@bluewin.ch

Flying Piano

The Artist ( see the artists list available for this act) in a concert at the white grand piano.
To the notes of fancy melody , the piano  suddenly start to fly about and vault 360° in the air
A spectacular number lasting from 5 to 7 minutes.

To book this act contact :

Kai Leclerc +41793596308 (CH) or E-mail: kaileclerc@bluewin.ch 

Technical informations :
2 hours set-up, stage width min. 5 m, height above stage min. 3,5 m. The stage has to support 500 kg.


Aerial Acts

Spectacular Aerial acts represented by Kaiopoli Artists.

        * Aerial Ring

        * Trapeze

        * Aerial Silks

        * Aerial Window

        * Aerial Net 

        * Vertical dance 

Comedy acts

Kairuso show

 Kairuso( Kai Leclerc) all belly, sings charmingly a neapolitan aria. 

10  up to 35 min show minutes of musical comedy .The act can be also combined with upside down walk + any other act/artist for longer & more spectacular show.


For More info

Contact Kai Leclerc:




"A theatrical show of clowns"

 Leave your wet umbrella outside, put your worries and thoughts into the cloakroom and slip into a world of fantasy. Take your seats, make yourselves comfortable and discover what is hidden behind the door. You are the welcome guests of the doorkeepers, who will open it for you and guide you across the threshold into the wonderful, fragile world of illusion and poetry of the clown.


Spectacle "Le monde a l`envers" ("The world Upside Down")

The World Turned Upside Down is a world in itself. Spectacular show consists of 2 artists. Visual comedy, flying window, illussion, dance. The public is stunned, and continuously asks like a child who cries in the room:  "But how do they do that?

The show duration: 30 up to 45 minutes Can be performed on theatre stage and also outside ( street festivals, events)

For more info please visit: http://lemondealenvers.webs.com/

Ground Acts



  • Handstand 
  • Vertical Pole
  • Choreography
  • Juggling 
  • Foot Juggling
  • Slack wire combined with Foot  Juggling, by ex Cirque du soleil and Big Apple Circus Artist - Masha DimitriVideo


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